Will I have a scar from my plastic surgery?

Posted on June 6, 2012 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Any plastic surgery procedure may result in slight scarring. However, good plastic surgeons study and train for years to achieve the best techniques intended to minimize or hide scars. Often times, the surgeon will create incisions on areas that are in natural creases, such as under the breast, under hair, or inside the armpit. For other surgeries, the scar may be hidden beneath undergarments.

If you have any concern about scarring, bring it up with your plastic surgeon! He or she should be able to clearly explain where the scar will be or what other options may be possible.

While using quality lotion or cocoa butter is good for your skin, it may not actually prevent or reduce scarring. After surgeries I generally recommend my patients use an ointment like Mederma twice a day for about 3-6 months or until the scar is reduced.

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