Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) in Portland

Dr. DeMars is proud to offer his Portland plastic surgery patients several advanced surgical treatments that can greatly enhance their body contour. He has many years’ experience performing not only liposuction and tummy tuck but also the sophisticated thigh lift and arm lift procedures. The latter treatment, also referred to as brachioplasty, is very popular among older patients who wish to tighten the skin of their upper arms.

In addition, an arm lift is often requested by patients who have lost a large amount of weight and are left with a certain amount of excess skin on their upper arms. As one of the most experienced arm lift surgeons in the greater Portland area, Dr. DeMars has helped numerous patients achieve their aesthetic dreams. He has treated patients from the Portland metropolitan area, as well as Vancouver, WA. Please read on to learn more about arm lift and what cosmetic problems can be solved through this treatment.

How Does an Arm Lift Work?

Arm lift is a surgical procedure designed to remove loose skin and excess fat deposits from the upper arm. With age, upper arm skin can become flabby. Dr. DeMars often discusses brachioplasty with patients who wish to tighten the excess skin of their upper arms in order to look as good and energetic on the outside as they feel on the inside. In some cases, Dr. DeMars suggests that his arm lift patients undergo arm lift in conjunction with liposuction in order to achieve the best possible results. The use of liposuction techniques allows him to remove excess fatty tissue deposits from the patients’ upper arms, thus enhancing the skin-tightening effect of arm lift.

Dr. DeMars understands that a patient’s health condition, skin appearance, and cosmetic needs vary, which is why he works closely with each patient to develop a customized treatment plan. He might suggest a different combination of procedures for each patient. For example, certain patients require not only arm lift but also thigh lift and tummy tuck to achieve the best possible body contouring results. He might also use some combination of these and other procedures to help mommy makeover patients receive their desired physique. In addition, he offers labiaplasty for women who wish to alter the size and/or shape of their labia. Please explore the respective pages to learn more about these procedures.

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