Breast Reduction in Portland

At his fully accredited plastic surgery facility, Dr. DeMars performs several types of procedures designed to improve the appearance of the breasts. One of these procedures is breast reduction, which ranks extremely high in terms of patient satisfaction. Breast reduction can significantly relieve the physical and psychological side effects of large, heavy breasts.

Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

You may benefit from breast reduction surgery if you experience uncomfortable side effects because of oversized breasts such as the following:

  • Back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Indentations in your shoulders from your bra straps
  • Difficulty breathing or exercising
  • Ill-fitting clothing
  • Embarrassment or self-consciousness about your appearance
  • Poor posture
  • Skin irritation underneath your breasts

If these symptoms sound familiar, Dr. DeMars invites you to schedule an appointment with him to discuss breast reduction in more detail.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Your breast reduction consultation with Dr. DeMars is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the procedure and determine whether it is a suitable solution to your needs. Dr. DeMars will examine your breasts, noting the amount of excess tissue and elasticity of your skin. He will explain his surgical techniques and how he can bring your breasts into better proportion with the rest of your body. Dr. DeMars will also help you set realistic goals and expectations.

Once you’ve scheduled your surgery, you will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare.

“I was surprised at his table side manner and I felt comfortable immediately after speaking with him. I went to other consultations with other surgeons but did not walk away feeling like the procedure was explained. I had my breast reduction, lift and liposuction last fall and am very impressed with the results. My only regret was not meeting him and having this procedure done sooner.” – RealSelf, May 2018

Procedural Details

Breast reduction is performed on an outpatient basis. You will receive anesthesia and sedation medications for your comfort.

To begin, Dr. DeMars will make the surgical incisions; the incision pattern he selects will depend on the size of your breasts, the degree to which they sag and the location of your nipple-areola complex. Although the incision lines are permanent, Dr. DeMars will try to place them in the natural contours of the breast. Also, they will fade significantly over time.

Commonly used incision patterns include:

  • The donut incision: made around the border of the areola (pigmented skin surrounding the nipple)
  • The anchor incision: made around the border of the areola and extending down vertically to the crease of the breast
  • The keyhole incision: made around the areola, extending vertically down to the crease of the breast and horizontally along the crease

Through the incision, Dr. DeMars will excise the excess breast tissue, fat, and skin. If you have asymmetrical breasts, he will restore a sense of balance and will move the nipple to a higher position on the breast mound. When he is finished with the reduction procedure, Dr. DeMars will close the incisions and place surgical dressings and a support garment around the breasts.

If you would like to see results from Dr. DeMars’ previous breast reduction patients, visit our breast reduction before and after photo gallery.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Dr. DeMars will provide comprehensive aftercare instructions for you to follow as you recover.

You should rest and relax as much as possible during your initial recovery. Avoid any strenuous movement, bending and lifting. Bruising and swelling are common but temporary. If you experience any discomfort, take pain medication as prescribed by Dr. DeMars.

Dr. DeMars will schedule several follow-up visits at his practice to check your healing progress and advise when it is safe to return to work, exercise and your regular lifestyle.

More about Breast Reduction in Portland

In addition to breast reduction, Dr. DeMars offers several other procedures that can greatly enhance a woman’s appearance, self-confidence, and happiness, including breast augmentation and breast lift. To learn more about these options, please call (503) 253-3458.