Will Eyelid Surgery Change The Shape Of The Eye?

Posted on December 19, 2017 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

If you are like the many others who wonder if eyelid surgery will change the shape of your eye, read on to learn more about today’s blepharoplasty techniques from Portland eyelid surgery expert Dr. Ronald DeMars.

Years ago, when the procedure of blepharoplasty was less refined, the lower eyelid could look rounder, or the corner of the eye might appear pulled up, or the upper lid may have been tight so closing the lid was difficult. The goal of modern surgery is different than the tight look of decades ago. Now, Portland plastic surgeon Dr. DeMars works to give patients back the more youthful look they had (in other words to return their old eyelid shape to them), by carefully trimming and sculpting just enough to look pleasing to the patient and observer alike but to avoid any of the deforming looks associated with past surgery. His patients regularly comment on postoperative visits that friends comment on how youthful they look but not on how good the surgery looks, because it no longer looks like they had surgery.

Surgery to correct aging changes in the upper and lower eyelids is one of Dr. DeMars’ favorite procedures due to the impacts of the results. Patients frequently complain about others asking if they are tired or angry when neither is the case. As you can imagine, no one wants to hear they look upset or tired when they feel fine. Heavy upper eyelids from too much skin or bags under the eyes in the lower lids from bulging fat pads are misinterpreted by observers as showing an emotion when they are simply anatomic changes of aging. Firming up the skin and re-contouring the fat pads restores the more youthful, energetic and pleasant look of earlier years.

The results of Blepharoplasty are very pleasing after Dr. DeMars performs the blepharoplasty procedure for his patients, and as you can see, with today’s techniques, the answer to the common question “Will the shape of my eyes change as a result of surgery?” is “no”.

If you feel eyelid aging changes are becoming a problem and would like more information from Dr. DeMars about the modern blepharoplasty procedures, call the office in Portland, Oregon at 503-253-3458 to schedule a consultation and examination.