Why a Breast Job Can Look Unnatural

Posted on August 4, 2018 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Unnatural Breast Augmentation

Working with an Unqualified Breast Surgeon

The qualifications of the plastic surgeon performing the operation matter more than anything else. A doctor lacking the proper credentials and experience is more likely to make a bad judgment call that jeopardizes the results or the patient’s safety. Breast augmentation candidates must do their homework and make sure they select a properly trained, experienced surgeon to perform the operation.

Implant Malposition

Implant malposition describes implants that are not in the correct position. This may be because an inexperienced surgeon used poor technique during surgery, or it can happen after a well-performed surgery when the implants shift out of the intended position.

Implants may be placed too high on the chest or become pushed upward from the implant pocket; alternatively, they can also fall out of their pocket and “bottom out,” distorting the inframammary fold (the crease where the breast meets the torso). Implants that are too close together result in symmastia (colloquially known as “uniboob”). Implants that are too far apart and drift toward the armpits also look unusual.

Overly Large Implants

Of course, the size of the implants influences how natural the results look. But this is highly personalized and based on the patient’s body proportions. An implant that looks proportional on a tall, voluptuous woman will look much different on someone that is short and petite.

A great surgeon takes the woman’s measurements during the initial pre-operative examination and consultation. These measurements help determine not only the appropriate implant size, but also the ideal implant shape, diameter and projection — all of which factor into how natural the result ultimately looks.

Poor Recovery

The fourth factor that can influence how natural breast augmentation results look is how smoothly the recovery goes. Every patient receives a set of post-op instructions, and some of these instructions are designed to reduce swelling and minimize scars. Following these instructions (and clarifying any points of confusion with the doctor) is crucial to achieving long-lasting, great-looking results. Ignoring these guidelines and cutting corners can result in unnatural-looking results.

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