What is the Difference Between a Quicklift and a Facelift?

Posted on January 22, 2019 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Quick Lift vs Facelift

Terminology can be confusing when discussing plastic surgery procedures. One such example is the confusion surrounding the plastic surgery procedures “Quicklift” and “Facelift”. Do you know the difference between the two? Many don’t! In fact, most people that visit us with an interest in facial rejuvenation treatments ask about the difference between a Quicklift and a Facelift and meet with Dr. DeMars in his Portland plastic surgery office to discuss which is right for them.

“In the last two decades, facial rejuvenation has become very popular, especially with the aging of the Baby Boomer population.” Says Dr. DeMars. “There’s been a steady increase in demand for procedures that leave the patient looking younger. On top of that, procedures can also leave patients looking more alert and rested, all with a natural look. With increasing popularity, the types of procedures to achieve these goals have expanded, creating a confusing number of names.”

So, what are the basic differences in these different facial rejuvenation procedures? Let’s start with the Facelift.

The basic term “Facelift” no longer refers to a single procedure, but rather to any of a dozen or more types of operations that are done to improve the cheek, jowl, and neck areas. Therefore, “the exact treatment plan for one ‘facelift’ patient to another can vary greatly, depending on their age, goals, trouble spots or skin type, and which specific operations needed to achieve their desired look,” says Dr. DeMars.

In brief, there are also “Necklift” operations that limit the rejuvenative changes to the neck and have no effect above the jawline and there are “Midface Lifts” designed to improve the cheek and jowl regions of the face but have little effect on the neck.

So, what is a Quicklift?

The Quicklift operation refers to one of the many styles of Midface Lift and so is best used for younger patients with early aging of the midface but are not yet bothered with the looseness of neck skin that may come later. It has a modest improvement of the neck skin, but other procedures may be better for advanced aging. Looking for more about the Quicklift? This blog post addresses 5 common ways to tell if the Quicklift is right for you.

Ready to learn more?

Dr. DeMars has over three decades of experience with these various techniques. Each patient is interviewed and examined to determine their goals and then create a surgical plan specific to them in order to help meet their goals. If you feel you may be a candidate for improving the changes of facial aging please contact our Portland office in order to arrange an appointment to go over your concerns.