Mentor, Allergan or Sientra Breast Implants: Is There a Difference Between Brands?

Posted on June 20, 2016 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

When you choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery, there are several important decisions you will need to make. If you’ve done your research, you are aware that breast implants come in different shapes and sizes. However, you may not be aware that there are different brands, or companies, that manufacturer breast implants. Currently, there are three breast implant manufacturers approved by the FDA in the United States: Mentor, Allergan and Sientra. To fulfill the unique preferences of each of his patients, Dr. DeMars offers all three types at his Portland plastic surgery office. In this blog post, the plastic surgeon discusses the differences you should know about the three implant brands.

The most important thing to know about the three breast implants brands is that all three are FDA-approved. This means that each is the product of years of implant manufacturing, research and testing. All three breast implant manufacturers adhere to the highest standards of safety in manufacturing, testing and clinical trials for breast implants.

This being said, the brands do not offer the same exact features and types. All three brands offer silicone gel and saline implants. However, only Sientra and Allergan offer highly cohesive “gummy bear” implants that have been approved by the FDA. Sientra’s Silimed implants and Allergan’s Natrelle 410 implants consist of a thicker and more cohesive silicone gel that will stay intact in the event of a rupture. Additionally, each manufacturer offers a range of implant sizes, shapes and textures. The look and feel of the implants vary slightly between each company. There is no one right implant type for all patients. You may prefer the look and feel of one brand’s implants while your friend or relative may prefer another’s. The choice will ultimately come down to personal preference.

Another important distinction between brands is the warranty policy they offer for their implants. Breast implants are designed to last for many years; however, they are not meant to last forever. Each breast implant manufacturer offers its own warranty with its own restrictions and time limitations. Before choosing a breast implant brand, ask your plastic surgeon about your implant’s warranty.

Trust Dr. DeMars with Your Breast Augmentation Needs

As mentioned above, the breast implants you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preference. However, if you are still unsure about which breast implant types are best for you or have additional questions, Dr. DeMars is happy to help. During your one-on-one consultation with the Portland plastic surgeon, he will ask about your concerns and goals regarding your breasts. He will use this information as well as examine the anatomy of your breasts in order to make recommendations on the treatment plan, size and shape of your implants. Not all plastic surgeons offer all three implant brands. But because Dr. DeMars does, patients are able to compare all three during their one-on-one consultation with the doctor, allowing them to choose with confidence.

Learn more about breast augmentation surgery, including all three implant brands by scheduling a consultation with Dr. DeMars. Please call his Portland office at (503) 253-3458.

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