How Can I Get Rid of My Double Chin?

Posted on December 11, 2018 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Double Chin Treatment

Many Portland plastic surgery patients enter Dr. Ronald DeMars’ office asking, “How can I get rid of my double chin?” Most of these patients assume that they will need a neck lift – and for many, this may be true. But the term “double chin” can have a different meaning to different people. Some patients are referring to a full, round look to the neck under the chin. Others use the term when pointing to loose, hanging neck skin. And some mean heavy bands in the neck.

The true answer to “How can I get rid of my double chin?” depends on the type of double chin. Several treatments  are available, and the choice is usually made based on the specific problem.

Treating a Full, Round, Heavy Neck – Liposuction

Dr. DeMars finds this is the most common double chin issue in younger patients and is often something seen in other members of the family. The problem is usually due to fat deposits under the skin. These deposits can be superficial or deep, or a combination of the two. The superficial fat can be “melted” with a series of injections of Kybella or with freezing done with the CoolSculpting machine. Either can have positive results in some patients without surgery but these are not nearly as reliable as liposuction done by an experienced surgeon. Liposuction is done through tiny incisions under the chin, and sometimes under the earlobes. If the fat is in the deeper layer, a small 1 ½ – 2-inch incision under the chin may be required.

Treating Loose Neck Skin With or Without a Full Fat Layer – Neck Lift

This variation of the double chin is seen more commonly in patients older than 50 years of age. In these cases, it is not enough to simply remove the fat; the skin must be dealt with as well with a skin-tightening procedure referred to as a neck lift. This, too, can run in the family but is mostly due to the passage of time. Neck lift is a more involved procedure with a longer recovery than simple liposuction.

Treating Heavy Bands in the Neck – Neck Lift and/or Botox

These bands are muscles but not important muscles. The bands can be treated at the time of a neck lift if the skin also needs tightening – and that is usually the case. In some cases a doctor may soften the bands with Botox injections if the patient is not bothered by loose skin. These small little shots administered to the bands, are repeated every 3-4 months.

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