What Exercises are Best After Breast Augmentation

Posted on February 18, 2018 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Planning for a breast augmentation, and wondering what exercises you can do after your procedure? This article is for you.

Dr. DeMars has treated numerous breast augmentation patients over the past 35+ years, and “many patients are concerned about how soon they can get back to their usual exercise routine, what exercises can help improve results, and finally what exercises they must avoid,” says Dr. DeMars.  “It’s important to be educated on this topic to ensure you heal properly and limit complications.”

Below you’ll find information on some of the preoperative and postoperative exercise regimens that  Dr. DeMars and his staff discuss with his patients.

Before Surgery

Routine exercise programs can be maintained until a day or two prior to the operation date. Maintaining strong healthy chest muscles  does not interfere with the procedure, but it is a good idea to rest the muscles from heavy activity for 48 hours before surgery. Lighter activity such as light weights and vigorous movements involved in running and walking may be done right up to the day before surgery.

After Surgery

The majority of Dr. DeMars patients have their implants placed under the chest muscles so time is needed for the muscles to heal and recover.

  • Week 1 – Rest is important and patients feel most comfortable if they restrict shoulder motion, but elbow motion is not a problem. Sometimes his patients refer to this as being a T Rex. During this time, you should not engage in exercises.
  • Week 2 – Implant massage instructions are given to teach the patients to move the implants back and forth in their new space to speed softening and positioning and progressive increase in shoulder motion is encouraged. During this time, you may start light walking routines.
  • Week 3 – Light workouts with weights and full shoulder range of motion becomes possible. Patients still avoid heavy work with the chest muscles or leaning down on the hands such as pushups and some Yoga positions.
  • Week 6 – Patients that enjoy running may begin to resume that activity although many find they are more comfortable wearing two bras for added support.
  • Week 8 – Full activity is allowed including heavy chest workouts.  By this time, you should be able to fully return to your exercise regimen.

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