A Farewell Message

Posted on July 22, 2019 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Dear Friends & Patients,

The end of August and my retirement are fast approaching. The years have gone by much too fast. I still remember my early years in practice, and it doesn’t seem that long ago, but here I am saying goodbye to all of you. That’s not an easy thing to do as I have had an enviable job, being able to get up every day and look forward to doing the work I’ve loved.

Our office has been blessed with having a wonderful staff, many of whom helped me for decades. Some are still in the office, others have moved on, but their work here has not been forgotten. I have been so fortunate to have such a talented, caring and hard working group of medical and paramedical professionals. It really is a team and I could not have accomplished all I did without them.

The science and art of Plastic Surgery have advanced at a rapid pace over the years and I feel quite fortunate at having been able to practice during these marvelous decades. I’ve been able to meet and help care for many thousands of patients and it is hard to describe how grateful I feel for all of you and the trust and faith you have placed in me and my team. One of the great joys of having practiced for so many years has been seeing a great number of patients come back more than once during this time, and especially seeing a lot of you again once you heard of my pending retirement at the end of this summer.

The time is near now when I will “sheath my scalpel”, so to speak, and trust the care of all my patients to Dr. Michael Bohley.  Mike and I have shared an office and worked together since 1995 so I have  extensive first-hand knowledge of his skills and his kind and caring nature. During the years we have been associated, I have watched Dr. Bohley in his care of patients and remain highly impressed. I know you will be too. I understand how hard it is to start seeing another doctor after establishing the long relationship many of us have had together, nevertheless I know you will find Mike as caring about you as I have been. His surgical knowledge and skills are outstanding and I am confident you will find him deserving of your trust.

It’s going to be quite difficult to leave all this behind, but at least I do so knowing your future needs in our specialty of Plastic Surgery will be met by a doctor who is not only intelligent and skilled in his practice but who also embodies the finest characteristics of a medical professional.

My very best wishes to you all along with my heartfelt thanks for allowing me to participate in your medical care.



Ron DeMars, M.D.