Can I Have A Baby After Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Posted on April 18, 2019 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Having a child after Mommy Makeover

One of the more common surgeries performed by Portland Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ronald DeMars is a combination of procedures dubbed the Mommy Makeover. The term refers to doing several procedures at the same time, usually including breast surgery and tummy tuck, sometimes with liposuction, to reverse the changes that pregnancy causes. This may include a breast enlargement or lift, or both, taking away the loose damaged skin and fat on the tummy while tightening the muscles, and contouring the fat in the tummy, hips, and legs.

Because the procedures are to reverse unwanted changes to the woman’s body resulting from pregnancies, experienced surgeons like Dr. DeMars will counsel patients to wait until their family is complete before undertaking this makeover, usually waiting a year or more after the last birth and at least 4-6 months after discontinuing breast feeding.

Nevertheless, as we all know, little surprises can happen or perhaps a time may come when the mother decides she would like another child. Although uncommon, women have had babies after a mommy makeover and there is no reason a woman cannot have a completely normal pregnancy and delivery, even including a C-Section if necessary. It’s important to understand breast feeding ability may have been altered by certain types of breast lifts reducing or eliminating the ability to breast feed the new baby.

The later pregnancy will have effects on the mother’s body including changes to the breasts and abdomen that may undo some of the benefits received from the mommy makeover. If that occurs, revisions can be done to help regain those benefits but that means more surgery and added costs. So although it is fine to have another baby and the pregnancy can be normal, Dr. DeMars always counsels his patients along these lines so they have a full understanding of why the timing is important.

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