Can A Facelift Look Natural?

Posted on January 18, 2018 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Are you considering plastic surgery but wondering if a facelift can look natural? According to Dr. Ronald DeMars, a highly experienced surgeon in making patients look younger through the benefits of facial cosmetic surgery, the most common concern his Portland facelift patients voice is the fear of looking “plastic” or “done” after the procedure.

That was a problem years ago with some of the earlier surgical techniques, but like anything else, surgery keeps improving. Modern facelifts are much less aggressive and risky than they were even as recently as two decades ago.

Dr. DeMars spends time with each patient in order to understand their goals and create a unique surgical plan for each person to help achieve those goals. The ultimate result is to look rested, fresher, more youthful and never to look like surgery was the source of the changes.

One of the techniques he uses to help his patients understand what a postoperative result can look like is to have the patient recline on the exam table and hold a mirror directly over their face. When doing this, the negative effects of gravity on the face are reduced, much like the results he can achieve with modern surgical procedures, and the patient is able to see what a pleasant and natural result they can have. As Dr. DeMars tells his patients, “the goal is not to have a new or different face, but rather to have your previous look from several years ago back again”.

We love hearing feedback from patients who are thrilled with their natural-looking facelift results! In fact, one past patient who was initially worried about looking “plastic” left the following Yelp review:

For the past several years, I was considering getting facial rejuvenation surgery, but was hesitant because I knew others who did not get a good result from a similar procedure. After learning about Dr. DeMars, I decided to travel to Portland (from Hawaii) because he came so highly recommended. At my initial consultation, Dr. DeMars thoroughly explained my options and discussed the elements of the surgery….The results are fantastic, and I look 15 years younger….but completely natural. My friends comment on how refreshed and relaxed I look, but aren’t aware I had anything done.

Of course, surgery results in temporary swelling and bruising so it can be a several weeks before the final result is appreciated, but many of Dr. DeMars’ patients are able to be active publicly with their hair covering their ears and a light makeup as soon as a week or two after surgery.

If you are considering any of the facial rejuvenation procedures and would like a consultation and examination to help develop a plan to achieve those results, call for an appointment with Dr. DeMars at 503-253-3458.