How Did Breast Implants Change My Life

Posted on June 30, 2017 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Breast implant surgery in Portland isn’t for everyone, as we know. It’s expensive, it’s painful (for a few days), and we always have to understand it is not a once in a lifetime operation. Dr. DeMars, a plastic surgeon in Portland, always wants his patients to know if they opt for breast implant surgery there is going to be future surgery of some sort at some time. But for the right person, breast augmentation can be life changing.

One of the big misunderstandings about Breast Augmentation is that patients only want to have large breasts. That simply isn’t so. For the majority of Dr. DeMars’ patients the driving force behind their choice is having a proportionate breast size. Not all women have a breast volume that looks proportionate relative to their height, weight, and shoulder and hip width. Such a disproportion leads to difficulty finding clothing with a flattering fit.

Some women tell Dr. DeMars they had a well proportioned breast size until babies started to come and afterwards had significant volume loss and they merely want back the look they once had. Their goal is to augment the breasts to achieve the B cup or C cup with which they started. Still other women who once were overweight and then got healthy and lost the extra pounds also lost breast volume and they miss the curvy look and want to regain that appearance.  Other patients who come to Dr. DeMars for the surgery relate a history of never developing like their friends did and they too have a disproportion that they would prefer to have corrected.

Body Image is an important concept with which Board Certified Plastic Surgeons like Dr. DeMars have to deal, that is the mental image we have of ourselves. When the physical image we see in the mirror does not match the body image we carry in our brain it can create discontent and lack of confidence. Bringing the two into alignment may prove very satisfying when that occurs.

So when we ask a patient how Breast Augmentation affected her life we get a variety of answers depending on what motivated the patient…..

  • I feel like I now look the way I always thought I should look
  • I’m happy now that I got my breasts back after my babies were born
  • Nobody told me when I lost weight I would also lose my breasts, now I know I look good and am also healthier
  • Now I can find swim suits that fit
  • I can wear so many different clothing styles that I was never comfortable with before
  • I just feel more confident and womanly

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