6 Things You Need to Know If You’re Getting a Facelift

Posted on July 4, 2018 by: Dr. Ronald DeMars

Things to know before facelift procedure Portland

Facelift is an excellent way to turn back the clock on facial aging and look youthful and energetic. The candidates that do their homework and have an idea of what to expect going into surgery are most likely to have a positive experience.

If you are thinking about having facelift, read on as Portland facelift surgeon Ronald DeMars discusses some important considerations.

1. The Plastic Surgeon Matters

The skill and experience of your plastic surgeon directly correlates to the quality of your results. Research your surgeon’s credentials carefully to ensure that he or she has sufficient experience and currently performs many facelifts every year. Browse through the surgeon’s before-and-after gallery to get an idea of the quality of their work, and read a few testimonials to get an idea of their bedside manner.

2. Downtime Is Required

The facelift operation requires ample recovery downtime. After surgery, you should plan to take at least one to two weeks off from work, socializing and your regular routine. You will need to rest at home for the majority of that time, and avoid bending over, lifting anything heavier than a milk jug or performing any strenuous work.

3. Recovery Is Different for Everyone

Everyone recovers at their own pace, depending on factors such as their age, health status and lifestyle habits. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else; focus on your own healing progress.

4. Scarring Is Inevitable

Any surgical incision leaves scarring, which means that scarring after facelift is unavoidable. However, Dr. DeMars carefully plans out his incisions so that the scars are very discreet. Also, with the proper care, they should fade considerably over time.

5. Facelift Does Not Stop the Aging Process

Facelift turns back the clock but it does not stop the aging process altogether. You will continue to age after surgery, and it’s up to you to maintain your results with good skin care and possibly adjunct cosmetic treatments like Botox (if desired).

6. Don’t Expect to Look Like a Different Person

Dr. DeMars’ objective is not to make you look like a different person — it’s to make you look like a better version of yourself. He will thoughtfully consider all of your unique facial features and characteristics, and subtly refine them. Your facelift treatment plan will be personalized to your specific needs and goals.

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