Rhinoplasty PortlandThe nose is the central, most prominent feature of the face and a major factor in defining balance and harmony among the facial features. When your nose is out of proportion with your other facial features, or your nose does not complement your face, it can affect your confidence and self-image.

In most cases, the specific characteristics of your nose are a result of genetic factors. However, your nose may appear disproportionate as a result of injury or prior surgery.

Dr. DeMars is regarded as a leading nose surgery specialist. He performs the complex rhinoplasty procedure for patients who want to enhance the shape and/or function of their nose.

What Does Rhinoplasty Treat?

Rhinoplasty can correct any of the following problems:

  • Nose that is out of proportion with the rest of your face
  • Crooked, asymmetrical or off-center nose
  • Drooping or upturned tip
  • Hump on the bridge of the nose
  • Oversized or flared nostrils
  • Bulbous tip

In other cases, rhinoplasty is performed to correct a deviated septum or structural problem that is causing a breathing obstruction. Dr. DeMars can combine the cosmetic and functional goals of rhinoplasty in a single operation, if your needs dictate that approach.

Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Dr. DeMars meets with all rhinoplasty candidates to talk about the surgery and determine whether it is a good fit for their needs.

First, Dr. DeMars will perform a physical examination of your nose, noting qualities such as the thickness of your skin. You should point out the aesthetic or functional elements of your nose that you would like to improve. Dr. DeMars will also ask about your medical history and any previous surgeries. If he decides that rhinoplasty is a good fit for you, he will develop a treatment plan that addresses the concerns you have about your nose.

After scheduling your surgery, you will receive detailed pre-operative instructions. You are encouraged to ask any questions or bring up any concerns that you have so that you go into the experience feeling well informed.

Procedural Details

Rhinoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis. You will receive anesthesia and sedation medications and remain comfortable and pain-free throughout surgery.

Dr. DeMars will use either the “open” or the “closed” approach to rhinoplasty. With the open rhinoplasty approach, Dr. DeMars makes an incision across the small strip of skin separating the nostrils. With the closed rhinoplasty approach, Dr. DeMars limits the surgical incisions to the inside of the nostrils.

Through the incisions, he gently separates the skin from the underlying nasal structures and makes the necessary modifications. He may add, remove or sculpt the cartilage to alter the nose’s shape or size. Or, he may refine the tip or nostrils for a more aesthetically pleasing result. When Dr. DeMars is finished, he will close the incisions with sutures and place a bandage around the nose.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty

Dr. DeMars will provide detailed aftercare instructions to help you heal quickly from surgery. If you have any questions about the directions, you are encouraged to call our office.

Initially, your nose and eye area will be sore, swollen and bruised. These side effects will disappear with time. Any pain or discomfort can be eased with prescription pain medication. Soft, cold compresses can also reduce swelling and discomfort. Avoid any bending, lifting, straining or vigorous movement that could cause bleeding or another complication.

Dr. DeMars will schedule several follow-up appointments with you to remove the sutures and bandage, check your nose’s healing progress and advise you as to when you can return to work, school, exercise and other everyday activities.

Keep in mind that although your rhinoplasty results will be apparent very quickly after surgery, residual swelling can last up to a year after surgery.

Schedule a Rhinoplasty Consultation

If you are bothered by the shape or size of your nose, cosmetic nose surgery may be right for you. Call Dr. DeMars at 503-253-3458 to schedule a consultation and learn more about the procedure.

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